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MLVW show


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Club Member
March 11, 2007
Johns beetle should be back on the road this week and we are going to have a look at the new service station on the M6 between Moate and Athlone later in the week.


Club Member
Club Member
February 24, 2021
Co. Dublin
I would be up for that and I am sure if we get a couple of heads together we could make it a good show. Anyone interested? If so we should make a new thread and float the idea with the club. No harm giving the nboc type2 folks and any other air-cooled a shout either and come up with something.
Well it looks like this is going to happen. BUS & BUGFEST Ireland 14th-16th July 2023 hosted in killbeggen by Mossey Conlon. He was being accused of copying the guys over at MLVW but he’s not into the newer stuff. I’ll add to this at a later date but our idea has become a reality but in the hands of someone else