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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.
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  • Hi RattyOval, I just registered yesterday, paid through paypal, but have yet to receive a confirmation email with my membership number of which I need for insurance purposes, would you know how i can contact Eircooled.

    Thanks very much,

    Hi Ray.

    Trev will look after you. I'll send him a message.

    Clearing out the last of these AC837510
    Your PM won't allow me to reply too much messages:
    Will do, just did the list up there.
    I have people wanting 25 Hoodies and 23 T-shirts of all different sizes. Bringing a total of 48.

    When should I close the list for this order?
    Hi Deckie

    I'd like to advertise my car on the site please. Is there a charge?
    Also- I can't see how to attach pics. Is there an email address I can send everything to?

    Is it's you looking for something. thats cool. but if someone else selling something last year that would be daft. PM them would be my prefered method
    howiya, i got the filler over the patch on the bonnet. turned out grand, really happy with it. The gold paint i used is wayy too dark though. couldnt find the right shade. Itll do nicely for the time being though. cheers for the welding skills!
    Andy is posting my carpet today i will let you know when your light trims arrive but they are the least of your worries at this stage.
    what are you looking for from that chap Lance Deckie?i'm thinking of taking the jeep to Dubfreeze and spinning down to him for the doors.
    Hi Deckie,
    I have a tech prob with site log in.

    I joined as a paid member but my details are not being recognised at log in. I thought maybe I had forgotten my user name and password so opted for a resend. No, my email wasn't gtting recognised either so the resend feature was no help.

    So I have re registered as the only route to getting some tech. help.

    My original details seem to be lost in space.

    Please could you send me my original log in name and password.
    My email address is;
    My member ID is 10224
    Password WunFod

    thanx Ali
    Hi Deckie can you move my thread For/against from the lounge to The Arena - Coxy has set up a thread -thanks James .
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