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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.
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  • Did you get the phoe number 0872575758?
    Sorry Declan I got it just forgot to call you,I will give you a call early next week and arrange collection thanks.
    I've been toying with the idea of getting rid of the Variant for ages but never went through with it. I spent a good bit in Autowerks (Midleton) on the electrics so now it starts and runs but there's still a long way to go before it could be considered a daily runner - which is where i want to get it to! If you are down in Cork and fancied a look then do let me know but to be honest I think I'm gonna try and hang onto it. I'll put some pictures up so you can get an idea of the condition.
    Hi riggsi,
    if cars will not be too expensive, we can do. I have all parts for my variant. Only some rubber missing. Have the first half of the floor welded. The chassis will be finished this year, i think. Got a nice 6 cylinder engine, a gearbox and breaks of a Porsche 911. In january i start with the body.
    I got my Manx devilered a few weeks ago! Anxious about cutting my pan!!! Cant do it till I extend the workshop and move Oval, Bouncer, Baja and MK2 golf git outa the way!!!
    Dunno, Ive an idea, it's a genuine VW accesory and rare too, but at the same time not everyone wants to drill a roof to attach it! I think its cool screwed to a roof as it keeos the car looking low! Its no mint but its not that ratty either and could be made shine. Im not looking silly money! i'll sent you pics, make me an offer and then start haggling!
    Rack is still available!! Im my mates shed at the moment, must get it back off him and send you closeup pics!!
    cheers stuart just interested because i havnt seen any in ireland so i was interested to see what sort of money they would go for here would love to see pics cheers
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