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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.
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  • you lucky bastard if that was me i would be in the shead assemblying that fucker the shortening is easy.do you have instructions?i have buggy build handbook here somewhere if you need one
    just messing about the pan,its staying its on the back burner till the t3's are done.i cut it myself and got a mate to weld it a bit daunting before you start but piece of piss once you get into it
    ok throw a tape on it when you get it,i will be looking for one for the notch too at some stage
    just looking through that rat look thread you posted on vag,got an idea of where im going with the square now is that roof rack still available?
    like that rack but i thought i might put a full lenght ragtop in it which wouldnt work with this.what sort of money were you thinking of ?
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