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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.
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  • Hey Deckie,
    Rory at the club told us to get in touch with you as you drive a Beetle as your primary vehicle? My name is Allison and my husband and I have just moved over from Australia and brought our beloved 1970 1500cc Beetle with us... having trouble finding a quote for less that 950 euros... any advice? We're not planning on buying another car... Cheers! Allison
    Hi Declan,
    Not sure if this is your end of things, but just noticed my banner ad thingy isn't showing on your website, is my year up or is there some other issue,
    P.s.thanks for the calendars
    Micky Joe
    hi deckie, have double and triple checked everything but can't get these pics to show, keeps saying ' moderated'. if you get a chance, log into my profile using my id and password. will email password to you, and just have a look at my albums, shows all the pics there with the word ' moderated' underneath. only visible to me and no-one else.?
    hi deckie, i finally figured out the picture problem, they where too BIG!!, ( 14mb each), anyway, i have them up now so just have to wait untill their moderataed, whatever that means. thanks.
    hi deckie, i've been trying to upload pics to my albums without any luck, i think it may be something to do with the ' moderation enabled' or something. maybe if you get a chance over the weekend you might have a look into it for me. cheer's, john.
    Hi there. I joined the forum tonight, and joined the eirecooled club, but it said to pm somone in admin to activate it on my account, so I can access the cluub stuff.

    hey just checking in. making sure all is cool on the eircooled side of things!

    any gossip?
    dec can u tell me how to get pics from my eircooled photo album onto my forsale thread thanks Colm

    Can you remove the single cab and the 1970 og westie from the classified section for me a.s.a.p.



    PS hows the oval running (sweet car)

    All the treads in the Arena folder have disappeared, I wanted to show someone by beetle reconstruction and I cant.

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