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Recent content by Eamon mc evoy

  1. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] 1200cc gearbox

    On the look out for a 1200cc swing axle gearbox, something that looks dry and holes oil, the one I have the metal has gone crusty
  2. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] Beetle stuff

    Just seen what's about, on the look out for either a solid beetle shell or something half ok, 68/71 1200 shape, don't mind welding heater channels and front end etc, as long as rear quarters and roof are ok, I'd be happy out,
  3. Eamon mc evoy

    Kilkenny meet

  4. Eamon mc evoy

    Kilkenny meet

  5. Eamon mc evoy

    Kilkenny meet

  6. Eamon mc evoy

    Kilkenny meet

  7. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] Would anyone have these 1970's beetle bits?,

    Just seeing would anybody have these few bits for a 1972 right hand drive beetle, (1) good pair of running boards, (2) glove box insert (box itself), (3) set of black door card,
  8. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] 1300cc Cylinder Heads,

    Just seening if anybody might have any Twin-Port 1300cc Type 1 Cylinder Heads , as long as they have no cracks ,they should be fine, cool thank you.:cool:
  9. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] IRS parts and bits

    Hey just having a look seening might anyone have some rear suspension IRS bits? Hubs,drives,bushings+arms etc, anything considered, (type3,1302,1303,porsche,baywindow) Drag racing ideas, Thank you, Eamon. :-)
  10. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] GearBox and 12 volt Starter Motor for Split,

    Wondering does anyone have a Standard Gearbox with matching 12 Volt Starter Motor to suit My 1965 Splitwindow van, Most people do a conversion where they change to a 1302 Gearbox and IRS the rest, Im not doing this but if you have and if you want to sell your Standard parts off, give me a shout...
  11. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] Hitch/Tow bar to suit 65 splitwindow van,

    might someone have or know of a Hitch/Tow bar to suit a Split? ill prob end up maken one in the same style as a beetle towbar,but if someone has one forsale at a nice price,it would be handyer ;)
  12. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] Not a car advert, but this may suit somebody whos in to music!!

  13. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] 1600cc twin-port head's

    hi im looking for a pair of nice 2nd hand 1600cc twin-port heads,
  14. Eamon mc evoy

    [Wanted: Parts] Cargo Door window's for Split

    might anyone have cargo door window's (x2) to suit my 1965 splitvan, normal glass or pop out window'd glass, just doing a bit of a tidy up on her before the eirball run!