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  • Well Cathal, spoke to feargal McKevitt yesterday.. the guy that has the green fasty.
    He realises now that he is probably never going to do anything with the car.. its been in his ownership now for 10 years and he is no further on.

    So looks like it's up for sale.
    I looked at it a couple of years ago and it was very bad. The rust has taken a good hold of it; a body swap is probably the most realistic route to take.
    It does have an engine and was allegedly driven into its current resting spot, although its not the original 1835cc unit.
    Porsche wheels, J bugs seats, leather dash, electric windows and central locking are all there.

    It's sitting in a shed outside Dundalk, let me know if you're interested and I'll arrange for you to look at it.
    Price wise, haven't got a clue what he's looking for it.
    Don't think there would be a mad rush to buy a fasty that needs a full resto....

    let me know if you want to have a look, Paul T.
    Hi Coxy, I have a black bug buts it's originally orange/vw red. Do you have the colour code for it? I can't find it on the car. There's a guy down the Marina in cork who can mix it and give a spray can of it for 20 yoyos. It's the same colour as yours btw. Sound
    Hi,I seen you have some stuff for sale on threads there,I was just wondering if you
    had a VW manual for a Beetle 1500 1970?
    Thanks for the help,
    I have just got mine a couple of weeks ago
    so im getting a list of the things ineed to fix first.
    No, I don't think I do but leave it with me and I'll let you know. When do you need them for?
    hi mate i was wondering if you have got any steel 5 stud wheels you want to get rid of? either that or some 60's front seats let me know if you have
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