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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.
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  • Hey Stump (apologies, I don’t know you real name).
    Thanks for selecting my bug photo for the calendar.
    you were looking some more info on it, it’s a late 67 1500 single port 12v first of the bugs to get disk brakes, originally registered in England. Has a genuine Golde 3 fold ragtop installed by Allard coach-works company in Putney. Apparently they were the only VW authorised company allowed to install them into outside of Wolfsburg.

    Last on Uk roads around 1995, officially imported into the Ireland around 10 years ago. Underwent full body off restoration got whatever was needed (quite a lot inc. new loom) and engine rebuilt by the legendary late Tommy Murray, fired up on the button when it was reinstalled. Went back to bare steel and it’s original stock colour of Chinchilla grey. The ragtop was originally black vinyl but I thought the burgundy Sewfine canvas just helped to give it that wee bit more touch of class. Only back on the road last month.
    I’ve been slowly doing bits over the last 15 years on it and am looking forward to enjoying it for years to come. I must actually get it entered into the census.
    Thanks again and hope to meet you in person soon.
    Hey Paul, hope all is well. Back onto you about wheel adapters/spacers. I need a set of porsche to wide 5 spacers for the KG. I have drums on back and disks front. The caliper sits just proud of the hub surface. I can source from limebug for drums on rear, but the fronts are the issue, hence reaching out to you. Can you make me a set for all 4 corners? Will pay for materials and labour to be fair. Hope to have wide 5 on for Martin Murrays show! Cheers again, Darren
    Well Darren, Give me a ring when you get a chance.
    086 2618777
    Cheers, Paul.
    Hi Paul, I wasnt expecting such a quick uptake on this glass. I'll buzz my mate and get the adress tomorrow, and then pass his number on to you tomorrow evening, his name is Adrian. Thanks.
    Hi Paul
    I am still interested in that blower. Are you heading south anytime soon. I am going to the formula V festival on Mondello sat and sun. Looks like I will be the only one there..
    Do you live in Dundalk.
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