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Rear brake cylinder wtf


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Took a notion last night to check/adjust my handbrake now that I have got big miles on the car (280 in tot) so jack the car up, threw in axles stands, pulled the plugs out and gave the wheel a spin to see where we where so to speak. Though heard this rattle noise Inside the hub. Being a curious type had to know what it was and pulled the hub off, only to find the outer shoe locating tabs broke off. Pulled the othe side off too and it was okay, but have a pair of new cylinders on the way. That could have been fun if the bits stuck and bound the brake on or the shoe slipped of the end of the cylinder and left me without brakes.
Just thought I’d post up in case anyone else hears a rattle and thinks not to look.


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February 24, 2021
Co. Dublin
Edit is the button the 3 buttons at the bottom


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