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Looking for a few Bay parts


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May 18, 2009
Can someone tell me if the cab doors differ from early bay to late bay because of the difference to the step into cab? Also are the mounting hinges the same?
Would anyone have a good passenger door for sale if they are the same, mine is a 72 crossover bay.
Also would anyone have any good steel rims or alloys for sale for bay also?, 5 x 112 bolt pattern.


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March 1, 2007
Front doors are the same - late to early in terms of fitment, tho most of the later doors don't have the flywindow/opening front quarter glass.
There many be slight difference in inner (behind the door card) pressing, as per late Vs early beetle doors) but I'm not 100% .

Brazilian/ south American late-modern bay doors have a pointless sewage line pressing on the lower skin following to he doorstep /wheel arch area, but they do physically fit the late 60s /70s bay, if you can live with the pressed swage line on its lower skin.

T25 steelies are slightly wider than bay steel wheels, but aesthetically look identical.

I got a driver's door from FBI in Wales, n they used to stock a huge range of US imported rust free panels... I had to pay up at the time, can't remember the price, but probably a lot less than what they command these days.
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November 8, 2010
The hinges are different from a early bay to a late bay. As I found out a few years ago when I got a pair of early doors thinking that they would fit, I got one of the doors primed and sprayed up in a spray shop, and when I came to fitting it not a hope would it fit, lesson learned measure twice before you cut.
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