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Get Insured with Eircooled's Insurance Partner - First Ireland


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Club Member
March 11, 2007
Only First Ireland can answer that Tim.
Yeah thats true, but I thought someone on here might be driving an LT camper. I contacted them but waiting for a reply, and they are not too fast on answering their e mails. I saw an LT on the eireball run the weekend, so I should have asked the driver.
I think its 20 year classics for First Ireland, which would be great. But I'm not buying on what I think:)


November 11, 2007
Co. Laois
They're very variable with what they are willing to accept. I had to argue with them about insuring a 37 year old 1.1 mk1 Golf but they accepted a 19 year old 225bhp Audi TT last year without question.

Pick up the phone and get one of them to check while you wait.
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