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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.
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  • Lads, why make a bee line to cork on the saturday, you can crash here with us, some in the house and if you bring a tent you could pitch it in the back garden, and depending on the numbers even the front garden, we can have an aul bbq, a good session and then head down on the sunday, only sending this to the guys i know.
    yeah I'm in Granitefield , its off Rochestown avenue , but I'm still not allowed to drive my bug , till i get my full license , so my dad drives it while i fix it ... you had yours long ?
    hi alice, yeh i've had a lot done to it since this picture was taken, but for some reason none of the other pictures in my album are showing yet. they to be approved by a moderator or something. i seem to have the same prob, every time i want to do something to poor old herbie my other car plays up, i think he must be jealous or something!!, the limerick car club have their annual drive coming up on oct 26, we might see you there. talk later & thanks for the reply.
    hi alice, this is john in limerick, i own the herbie ( we met at the aircooled show). how are you getting on with the new car? have you done anything to it since you got it?. i have just completed the new 2-tone interior and at the moment fitting dual 44idf carbs. only just joined up here so i haven't had time yet to upload pics.
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