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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.

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    T2i forum - update

    We are having issues with our hosting company and hope to restore the forums ASAP. In the meantime, we've set up a temporary forum here: http://t2i.freesmfhosting.com/index.php Which should re-direct from www.type2ireland.org shortly. And, if you're so inclined, you can keep up to date on...
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    T2i is back up!

    Roger tickled the database, and we're back up and running!:cooool: Thanks for your hospitality folks ;)
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    Event: T2i Birthday Meet, 23 Jan, Powerscourt

    Meet up, kick tyres, catch up, talk crap, eat Lazy Dog's homemade pasties (yum!), compare Crimbo pressies and new gadgets, go for a drive, try not to get split up or lost, eat meal, go home....not necessarily in that order....and last year some mad folk went camping on the Sat night, in the...
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    April 4-6th 2008 - Joint Eircooled/T2i Meet

    Dates: we're booked in from 4th to 6th April '08 Venue: Glebe Caravan Park, Clonmacnoise, Co. Offaly Some more details from the campsite owners: I promised the campsite some numbers, so can you please add your name to the list if you're coming. Oh and, to save confusing me (easily done! )...
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    Eireball Run

    Eireball run Starts next Thursday morning 15th from newry . It's in its second year and raised over 10,000 Euro for charity last year. What is it ? Check out http://eireball.com Feel free to join us for a few hours in the evening, at one of the campsites, for a beer. Did I mention...