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  1. Robbie

    Early beetle seat bases wanted

    Hi all, A friend of mine is looking for an early set of front seat bases. Condition only needs to be good enough to be used to make a base for other seats. Anyone have anything they wish to part with? Its for a early 60's bug.
  2. Robbie

    Early bay tow bar

    Good Morning all, A friend of mine has bought a stunning early bay recently. Top notch camper. He is currently looking for a tow bar to fit to it, more for a bike rack than towing. I know they are rare to find but said Id ask you good people. Please see the picture for reference! Edit: Also I...
  3. Robbie

    Volksworld 2023

    So flights are booked! hav'nt been for a few years. Any one else heading over?
  4. Robbie

    [For Sale: Car] Bargains on DoneDeal

  5. Robbie

    Wanted Late Type 3 Front hood emblem.

    May have one will have a look in my dads.
  6. Robbie

    Rare Kit Car

    Hi all, This is not my car and some of you will know it. It is one of three cars built in Scotland in the 80's. As far as the owner knows this is the only one left. He would like to see it restored and if possible stay in Ireland. Its a cooling looking yoke. As I said its not mine but has a...
  7. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] Front Bumper

    Hi all, As the restoration is well underway on my dads Irish built Colorado beetle I need a front bumper. Its a 74 but a standard model so no holes for indicators. I got one from a friend but unfortunately it was to far gone. Chrome is not important as it is being painted in original black but...
  8. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] body cuts for a bay roof

    Hi Guys, So found a hole in the corner of the roof of the bay above the gutter and before I try make a patch does anyone have a roof for cutting? Off side rear corner. Remember someone a while back having one. Thanks
  9. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] Lock set for a 1958 Bug

    Hi all, As some of you are aware my bug was stolen from my garage along with my honda express. With allot of support from friends and on line I got the bug back before it was damaged to much. The scooter was destroyed unfortunately but again with support I may have been offered another to...
  10. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] T3 Caliper Wanted

    Looking for a caliper for my dads varient. Serviceable if possible as a bit broke off his original. Thanks
  11. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] Parts For a 58 Bug

    Hi all, Reposting this as it was lost in the big crash of 2016. I am looking for a few bit but I'll start with these for now. I am looking for an early rear engine boot lid. I have a good one there but it is the 63 on model. I'll post a picture of the one on the car and if anyone wants to sell...
  12. Robbie

    [For Sale: Car] VW LT Karmann Camper

    Hi all, Its with regret I am selling my 1987 Lt28 Karmann Motor home. It has been a great camper for us and ideal if you want to stay retro but want more room and home comforts. She is 5.3m in length so plenty of room but still manageable. These are rare on these shores but have to say a great...
  13. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] Indicator switch early bay

    Hi all, As the title says I am looking for an indicator stalk for an early low light bay. It was that cross over model with the big rear lights and low indicators. Its my dads campers the kids went to town on the stalk so not repairable. Thanks for any help. Robbie
  14. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] 2000 engine

    Hi all, A lad I work with is looking for a good type four 2.0 engine to put in a beetle. Anyone got one lying about? PM me and I'll give you his number. Thanks
  15. Robbie

    [Wanted: Parts] Blade bumpers

    Hi all, Kinda loosing interest in the nudge bars look and would like to go back to bumpers. It anyone had a set of good blade bumpers possibly with over riders that would suit my 58 give me a shout. Thanks
  16. Robbie

    [For Sale: Parts] Ratty Boot Rack

    Hi all, Bought this off adverts last week because I hadn't seen one in years. I taught I might put it on the 61 Rag top when I eventually get back to it. But I was looking at it and got a real rat look to it and taught if some wanted it as is it would be nice on a rat bug. I paid €45 for it...
  17. Robbie

    [Wanted: Car] looking for a mint german looker

    Here is my Dads 1303s, http://www.eircooled.com/deforum/showthread.php?10703-1303s-Forsale&highlight= Its golf GTI red and could be the bases for a nice German looker. It on DD for 4500 at this stage. Its a nice bug.
  18. Robbie

    [For Sale: Car] LHD Mini Bus

    Off to a new home and a new start. I hope the new owners have many years of happiness and bring her back to former glory! I hope they get on here and update there progress.
  19. Robbie

    [For Sale: Car] LHD Mini Bus

    Hi all, Advertising for my Dad. He saved this van from a friend who had it lying for a while and looked like it would die their. Its a LHD van that was originally owned by siemens for demonstrating washing machines. Later it was used to carry antiques from A to B. So overall it had an easy life...
  20. Robbie

    Look what I saw!

    Hi all, So I was at the Trim car show and I'm not a big one for remembering to take photo's but I couldn't help with this one. I spid a 6Volt beetle pulling in and it looked early so I taught hummm and when I seen it was a split I taught interesting. So with wife and child in tow a strolled...