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    [For Sale: Parts] stormforce cover for beetle for sale

    Stormforce cover for sale for a beetle 9 months old - €100 does not come with a beetle. :(
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    [For Sale: Car] Beetle for Sale

    Evening all, Ad going up on done deal shortlyhttp://cars.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/1977-1200cc-volkswagen-beetle/9003453 1977 1200cc Volkswagen beetle German built - registered in Galway in 1977 - New tyres - Solid chassis and body - some scabs on front bonnet and front...
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    [Wanted: Car] container from USA

    This has probalby been asked several times before and I may be in the wrong forum, but i am trying to find rough cost for shipping a container from west coast of USA to Ireland, Sanfransisco to be more exact, I am unsure of how it works eg, two cars per container or one, or even none at all...
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    [For Sale: Car] green 68 still for sale in mayo?????

    there was an ad for sale on done deal recently with a green 68 for sale in mayo, i have misplaced number for the chap, not sure if it sold or still for sale, just wondering if anyone here knows about it. Thanks
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    someone got a bargain methinks

    i seen this ad today and enquired about it, they sold it for €2,000 last week (not to me ) bargain:wallbash: http://www.gumtree.ie/dublin/91/41020591.html
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    72 beetle for sale

    evening all 1972 1300 for sale, bought in uk last summer, solid car, reciepts for work done, 4 new tyres pm me for further details, Simon
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    info on strandhill ????

    hello all, Just looking for info on strandhill regarding time, location etc, never been before so looking for a bit of info, probably be heading down on sat evening, is it stricly camping etc or do people get accomadtion nearby ?? Thanks, Simon