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  1. darragh

    [Wanted: Parts] night heater

    hi all looking for a diesel night heater for a camper
  2. darragh

    [Wanted: Parts] t4 diesel engine

    the timing belt has snapped on my t4 2.5d timing belt was well with in its service period but decided to snap anyway so much for main dealers and a full service history so im looking to get this van back on the road looking for and engine or maybe someone who can take on the repair of the old...
  3. darragh

    [Wanted: Car] looking for a welder

    hi folks im looking to get some welding done on my transit need inner sills and rear crossmembers,the van is in kildare. car anyone reccomed someone to these repairs
  4. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] VW Campers and Surf art

    Hi all I have been hiding in the North West all winter and have done nothing with VWs but drive them :) A friend of mine is painting these really nice Surf/camper pictures and i thought ye guys might be interested A commission piece costs €50 and is 12" x 9" on rough grain paper, unframed...
  5. darragh

    [Wanted: Parts] wanted night heater

    looking for a night heater for my van, propex, erbersbacher,
  6. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] free 1303 windows

    have windscreen and rear window here other bits too free to take away ,
  7. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] 1974 beetle windscreen, rear window and door glass

    free of charge ,but if you had a road map of France knockin about id be glad of it :)
  8. darragh

    [Wanted: Parts] Wanted bicycle

    I am looking for a basic bike in working order or close to it , something cheap as chips kinda thing thats been under the hedge might suit
  9. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] camper fridge/cool box sink and waterpump

    outta a rivera camper i believe its a 12 volt fridge ,i only used it as a cool box sink and tap/manual pump all foc , collect asap rom Naas
  10. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] Free 1993 vw caravelle rear bench seat

    3 seater full width in v good condition
  11. darragh

    [For Sale: Car] 1967 beetle orginal Irish car

    1967 beetle built in Dublin, v low milage 1600dp engine 1500miles approx. drop spindles and adjustable beam. body work needs attention obviously my daily driver atm ,driving perfect . 3200euro (ish)
  12. darragh

    [For Sale: Car] 1967 beetle orginal Irish car

    Car is no longer available, i have been offered free storage which means I am no longer forced to sell. sorry if i wasted your time
  13. darragh

    [Wanted: Parts] petrol tank cap

    looking for a petrol tank cap to fit a 1974 beetle.
  14. darragh

    [Wanted: Car] t3/ t4

    looking for a left hand drive t3 or t4 needs to be safe and sound and driving think v cheep super cheep yes i am a dreamer, but a camper would be an awesome gift for my gf's 30
  15. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] free beetle parts

    i have over the last while placed adds selling many bits and pieces v few have sold and what remains is foc to anyone who will use them in the foreseeable future search for my for sale posts i guess
  16. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] t4 caravele rear bench seat

    have a rear bench seat(3 person) from a t4 caravelle blue/gray colour perfect condition 80 euro
  17. darragh

    [Wanted: Car] t4/t5 2.5 tdi

    looking for a vw transporter with a 2.5 tdi engine . needs to be clean no more than a few days work to get it doe'd more windows the better for a camper conversion cash monies waiting here for a good one
  18. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] 1303 parts for sale

    windscreen and rear window and door glass 1303 steering box head lamps indicators and rear lights too door handles and locks 50 euro
  19. darragh

    [Wanted: Parts] t4 rear spring base

    looking for the rubber base/seat that the rear spring on a t4 sits on to, the bin man was kind enough to make off with my one
  20. darragh

    [For Sale: Parts] 6v to 12v starter bushing

    bushing for gear box to support Bendix,used when converting from 6 volt starter to 12 volt i have two here all nice and new in there packing will swap for stickers or biscuits or some euro coins