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Our Ethos is simple; We promote, maintain, and encourage the use of classic aircooled vehicles. We run the club in an open, inclusive, and democratic environment. We encourage all members to have an equal say and part to play in the club.

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  1. twisted-bug

    Wanted, wide beetle wings

    Looking for a set of 2 inch wider wings for a pre 70 beetle. Steel or fiberglass, front and rears. Any for sale let me know. Thanks
  2. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] headlight surrounds

    Looking for a pair of headlight surrounds for late bay, plastic or metal doesn't matter. Also indicator lenses,ones that fit beside the air intake grill.
  3. twisted-bug

    Easter weekend

    Spent the Christmas working down in Rathdrum at Avondale Forest and am back again for Easter. Basically there's gonna be an all terrain train, market and loads of things going on to keep the kids amused,wooden egg hunt and painting, nature trails etc. I said I'd help out with spreading the word...
  4. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] 1600 carb or suitable engine for bus

    anybody got a pict-3 in decent shape. Id even consider the engine its attached too! Havent given up on the engine ive got but cant put any more time into getting it running. Will consider pretty much anything that will get the bus going again:)
  5. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] rear bay bumper

    anybody got a rear bumper for a bay collecting dust anywhere. Dont mind painting and welding a bit but not in the mood to rebuild mine...i hate fiberglass:)
  6. twisted-bug

    Shore Shots surf film festival.

    I figure theres probably a few surfers here, Shore Shots on in April if anybodies into surfing movies.
  7. twisted-bug

    Templeogue College Classic Car Family Day 18th of august.

    Hope its alright to throw this up here.Got talking to one of the guys organising this and i said i would give it a mention here. Basically hes hoping to get as many classic/pre 80/interesting vehicles as he can. Its free in for cars and occupants or drop a few coins a box on the way in. All...
  8. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] alternator pully

    anybody got one lying around.close to dublin would be handy.
  9. twisted-bug

    [For Sale: Parts] wheel cover and carbs

    needs painting and theres a small crack where it bolts down. €25 Also found a pair of carbs in a box,solex 32-34 pdsit 3.need a rebuild but i think all the bits are there.will get pics up later
  10. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] headlight surrounds for bay

    Need a pair of headlight surrounds for a bay,going to paint them so plastic ones if anybodies got some spares lying around.
  11. twisted-bug

    [For Sale: Parts] random bits for sale

    all for sale
  12. twisted-bug

    [For Sale: Parts] 1500 engine

    Engines been sitting on the kitchen floor for the last year and all the other bits in the spare room:) Am to busy for the moment to do much with it.Looking for €150 ono. Few other bits lying around the place too,bumpers, spindles etc.
  13. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] boomerang/horseshoe plates for late bay

    before i go ordering a set from the uk anybody here got a set gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. Am sure theres gotta be somebody that dropped their bus then changed their mind:)
  14. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] Badges

    Am looking for a few old vw badges,dont want shiney new ones. Looking for a beetle one and also an old splitty one(bigger one) Also anybody got access to a cnc or waterjet that could cut a cog one. Also need a few other bits cut if anybody can point me in the right direction.
  15. twisted-bug

    [For Sale: Parts] Awning for sale

    probably the wrong time of year to be selling but have a Royal Traveller 2 Awning for sale.Wasnt used much,plastics still clear and no rips or tares.Pretty sure all the poles are there but to be honest it looks like a 2 man jod to get it together and i dont have the instruction book to guide...
  16. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] Seat covers

    Scored a pair of cobra seats over the weekend for small money but they a little too modern for my liking.Am looking for some old coffee sacks or similar if anybody has any ideas where I might find some.I know from my days working in cafes that theres at least one roaster in Ireland but cant find...
  17. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] lever shocks

    Anybody know of any old forgotten Austin Healey,Morris Merina/Triumphs lying up anywhere.Looking for the rear friction/lever shocks.Plenty in the UK but postage is a little pricy:(
  18. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] bonnet

    Need an extra bonnet to sort out the rear section,really just the outer 4 inches all way round.A damaged one or probably even the remains of one would probably do.
  19. twisted-bug

    [For Sale: Parts] getting rid of a few bts

    Few bits lying around I dont think im gonna be using,if its worth anything make me an offers:confused:.Also have one of those fancy mont blanc starwalkerpens was gonna put up on ebay,(been missing since last year,turned up with a few old coins down the back of the sofa:helpme:looking for abt 150...
  20. twisted-bug

    [Wanted: Parts] Steel barrels

    Am looking for one or two steel oil drums,preferably clean ones though.Anybody local-ish with any to spare?