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  1. Coxy

    [For Sale: Car] Bargains on DoneDeal

    Myself and Trev were talking about it yesterday and although it's a ZE reg, it's not a Marathon Beetle. Well spotted on the ZE reg though (y)
  2. Coxy

    Dublin Meets - First Wednesday of each month

    Great pics Noah. Nice selection of VeeDubs. Barry's sunroof Beetle looks tough as nails.
  3. Coxy

    Just an idea

    Not me anyway. I haven’t heard anyone talking about it so I’m not sure if there’ll be too many from Eircooled. Are you going Noah?
  4. Coxy

    Looking for 1303

    It's possible but it's more of a faff than before. I haven't imported anything lately so I'm not one to advise but all I do know is that it's not as straightforward as it once was which is a shame. I'd certainly be interested to hear how you get on if you go down that route.
  5. Coxy

    Looking for 1303

    Wow! What a beetle you had. Looks and power! The perfect mix 👍 I don’t know if any good 1303 Beetles for sale at the moment. They don’t pop up too often.
  6. Coxy

    Just an idea

  7. Coxy

    Wanted Late Type 3 Front hood emblem.

    Sorry to hear you had a heart attack Tim. I hope you’re doing better now.
  8. Coxy

    Just an idea

    It's a great idea Noah but the problem is that this is a Thursday afternoon event (4:pm) so people would most likely have to take a half day from work to get there and set up on time. Lovely place to chill and great idea for an event but too early for most people I'd say
  9. Coxy

    [For Sale: Parts] 1200cc Engine

    For Sale - running 1200cc engine. This engine was in dry storage for 30 years and was recently started. I’ll try and upload the video which shows it running on petrol in the carb as opposed to a fuel source. Needs new exhaust and tuning. Little to no end float. €500
  10. Coxy

    Beetle.ie 2021 Calendar

    Hi all. I wanted to show you all the new Beetle.ie 2021 Calendar. The 2021 Beetle.ie Calendar is hot off the press and available to order on our website! For the first time ever, Beetle.ie has created a calendar just for you and by you, the Irish aircooled Volkswagen enthusiast. This...
  11. Coxy

    [Wanted: Parts] Karmann Beetle headrests

    At the moment there are Golf headrests fitted to the seats which have a different shape to the originals.
  12. Coxy

    [Wanted: Parts] Karmann Beetle headrests

    I’m looking for a pair of headrests for my convertible Beetle as per the photo. Anyone got some they would sell? Thanks
  13. Coxy

    [For Sale: Parts] 1300 twin port engine

    I’m selling a 1300 twin port AR code engine. It was in storage for almost 30 years but fired up without any issue. It’s being sold as but it’s complete and running.collection in Abbeyleix €500
  14. Coxy

    [Wanted: Car] Looking for a 1960s project

    Has anyone got a project Beetle they’d be interested in selling? I was asked last week if I knew of any reasonably priced 1960s project Beetles. I don’t but I’m hoping the folks on Eircooled can help this enthusiast out. He is looking for a Beetle that needs welding work as opposed to a Quick...
  15. Coxy

    Barretstown 2020 - Update

    I received this email from Barretstown which was expected due yo everything that is happening at the moment. Here's to 2021 when we can show Barretstown our support in even greater numbers. Hi Cathal, I am writing to you with some sad but probably unsurprising news. Unfortunately, Barretstown...
  16. Coxy

    Eircooled AGM 2020 - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March

    We had a great weekend in the Killeshin Hotel. The Saturday night was fun with a few beers and some food and of course lots of laughs. I'll go through the minutes of the AGM later but for now here are a few snaps from the dinner and the AGM on Sunday.
  17. Coxy

    Eircooled AGM 2020 - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March

    Hi all Our AGM is happening in March and we would love you all to attend. The AGM is held on the Sunday but many of us go to the hotel on the Saturday night and enjoy some food, a few beverages and lots of laughs so come one come all. It's also a great way to get to know people in your club as...
  18. Coxy

    The Brekkie Roll - 10yrs On!

    Home time!
  19. Coxy

    The Brekkie Roll - 10yrs On!

    Some of the heads from the day! Cold but always laughing and smiling :D